Wednesday, February 10, 2010


So, one thing I have learned over the past two years, because that is really when all of this began, is that if something scares you to your core, it is probably worth doing. Only the things we really care about can scare us that much.

I spoke this past weekend at Broad Street Presbyterian Church (BSPC) in Columbus, OH. To say that I was scared doesn't really sound quite right. Tenia miedo, I had fear; as though it was in me, seems much more accurate. This was the first official presentation I have given about Peru and my time there, and how I have changed, how my time in Peru has changed me. It was a very overwhelming topic.

Of course everything went well. My point was that we can all contribute to making our world better----whether we decide to go to Peru or India, or donate to people who do, or only drink fair trade coffee and use cloth bags at the grocery store-----we all play a part in the revolution.

I used that word in my speech. REVOLUTION. I was told that it scared some people in the audience.
Hmmmmm......something to think about.

all for me, for now.

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