Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Next Adventure...

Hey All.
Firstly, I want to say thank you to everyone who has been keeping tabs on me over the past few years. I really appreciate the support and love you have shown me while I have been on this amazing journey to Peru and in finding myself there.

Secondly, I think this may be my last Peru blog. I am finalizing my packing and sorting and storing for my next adventure, which starts tonight and am finding myself reminiscent of Peru and my preparations to leave. I should be loading things into my car to take to my storage unit (which I didn't think I would still inhabit when I hauled my first load of stuff there) and attacking the last pile of stuff that is on my floor. I have a few boxes to ship to myself at a zip code across the country. A friend to see. I have to pack my second suitcase and make reservations to get to the airport. But, here I am. Writing a blog instead.

I guess I have come to some sort of grips about my time in Peru. I am not as sad as I was before Christmas, and I don't cry nearly as much, and there are certain similaritites about my life there and my life here that have come to light. Like that my host mom would set pans on the stovetop to dry, and my sister does the same thing. It is a very little insignificant thing, but it makes existing here easier.

Before I left, I knew that this experience would change me, but I never thought it would change my life. I thought I would come back and still live the same life and do the same things, but I would be different and still exist in the same terms as I had before. That did not happen, and I was probably foolish to think that it could.

So, now as I prepare to leave Bremerton again, I look forward to the change that will undoubtedly come with my next adventure.

To learn more about my next steps, check out my new blog at http://ktrains.blogspot.com
Thanks again for listening.

All for me, for now.

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