Friday, October 30, 2009

Home: A Place Where I Grew...

So, I have been back here in North Dakota working the sugar beet harvest for the past month. It is something I grew up with. My dad has worked for American Crystal Sugar Co since before I was born and I cannot say how grateful I am for the experience to see what he has endured every fall that I can remember. I have also had the opportunity to meet people I have known the names of my whole life through my dad's work stories.

And as my 8pm-8am work schedule is shifting towards daylight, I can say it has been truly rewarding.

Not just for feeling a greater connection with my father, or the name he and I both carry, and what that means here. But also for every person I have met over the past month.

There have been some incredibly conservative republicans--who don't believe that global warming is actually happening or why their locally owned stores just can't compete with WalMart for food prices, but also, who unknowingly live a very simple and green lifestyle--growing their own food, composting, spending less, etc-- much like many liberals I know. There are a huge group of hispanic workers who are all interested in my love-life and have concerned themselves with finding me a very tall match (they gave me warm feelings about the people in Peru who had the same intentions). There are some who have been to university, and some who didn't finish high school. A few who think they need to take me out on a date, and a few people I haven't seen since I moved away from Crookston over 10 years ago.

It is a very diverse community in it's own right. Which is something that I never realized when I lived here before, something I want to have in my everyday life.

And while I am not ready to determine where my future is going to take place, I am ready to start living where I am.
I hope you all are well, where you are, and happy, too.

all for me, for now.

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