Monday, July 20, 2009

BSPC Peru Crew V....

I have dreamt about you at least 5 times since the day we met (including last night). You are literally in my dreams. And I am still at a loss for words as to why you all have affected me so much. I've come up with a few reasons why this may be occurring....

1. You were the first mission group I have ever been a part of.
2. You are such a diverse crowd in every way, and I see so much of who I was and who I want to be in all of you.
3. You are fun, funny, faithful, caring, laughing, working, striving, open hearted, lovely, youthful, wise, maleable, strong, amazing adaptable and much more.

Your presence made an impact on me. A strong one.

To update everybody else about the time I spent with Peru Crew V, there were 14 of them that came down from Broad Street Pres on a work crew to put in Eco-Toilets in two communities outside of Huancavelica, Peru (Occo Tuna and Vista Alegre). And through all of the joy that is intercultural exchange and partnership, we successfully dug a hole for a water filtration unit for the milk plant in Vista Alegre.

It was amazing to watch this crew respond and adapt to all of the hiccups and planning flaws that happened. I think it was also amazing to see the folks in the community realize that the crew was not leaving regardless of them being ill prepared.

Something was built during the visit, though not an eco toilet was in sight. It was trust. It is something that BSPC has been building with La Oroya for years now, and have now begun the task in a second community in Peru. The realization that partnership is so much more than a task, it is working on the task together. Regardless of outcome. Being together is what made the difference.

Maybe that is what connects me so much with BSPC. My year has mostly been about being and building trust and community. And seeing this group embrace that idea so quickly rocked me, cause it is not easy to do.

Anyway, I send all my love to my new Ohian friends, many of whom fell ill with some crazy Peru bug. Keep them in your prayers, thoughts and good energy. Also, their new and old friends here in Peru.

all for me, for now.

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