Tuesday, May 5, 2009

17 April 2009

La Pareja Dispareja

I have a friend named Roxanna. She is, to say the least, fantastic. She has more first cousins than I have living family members, more friends than people I know and connections for everything. One of those connections brought us to the National Library to see a play.

It was the first showing of the play to a live audience, and the director came out and spoke to us before the play began, asking us to turn off our cell phones and that it really was okay to laugh, and laugh loudly.

The scene starts, and it is obviously in a bachelor pad, a messy bachelor pad, and there are a group of guys playing poker. I am following the conversation for the most part, when I hear the name Felix. And then I hear it again. All of a sudden, the messy room, the photo of Lou Gherig, it all clicks, I am watching The Odd Couple. In Spanish.

It was really amazing to watch the story, and hear how the jokes are translated. Though, the French accents in Spanish were slightly unnerving for me to hear. They did an amazing job with the show and I hope I get to go see another before I leave.

The director is the second from the left, Felix is in the blue suit and Oscar is in the baseball cap. Apparently those two actors and the two females are on soap operas here in Peru. Actually, everyone in the audience applauded when they walked out on stage during the show.

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