Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hiya all. As most of you should know, I have been working in design with fair trade artisan coopertives from the Lima, Huancayo and Huancavelica provinces in Peru. Here is some of the work that has been done since I arrived here last September. And, there is more on the way.

Let me know what you think!!

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  1. I really love the jewelry. I like the scarves, but don't know how many I actually need. The knit animals are adorable - I especially like the Christmas llama...acutally I liked anything with a llama on it. The stockings and toys in them are great and loved the 3 little pigs. I likeed the bowls and utensils but couldn't tell what they were made of - it looks like polished stone - is it? The jewelry made from it is beautiful too. Also liked several of the purses or hand bags...Good job!