Monday, March 9, 2009

The Day of the Feathers....

This morning, when I opened my bedroom door to our back courtyard, I found a feather. It was bright blue, and white and silver and grey with a fleck of black. I picked it up and set it in my room before I left my house for my first run in over 6 months.

I didn't run very far, but I ran and I got sweaty and it was fantastic. I ran past people going to work, kids going to school (it started back up from summer break this past week), people who were just starting their days. It felt good.

I made it home and went through my normal morning routine; shower, dress, eat. The usual. Then I headed to work. I walked my normal route, and in one of the parks I pass through I saw another feather on the ground, it was light grey and brown with white, and thought that's kinda neat, but I left it there. Then I spotted another, this one mostly white. I kept walking and kept seeing feathers of different colors and sizes as I walked. When I saw an owl size feather, I picked it up and wished I had been picking them all up all along.

Just thought it was kinda neat that so many feathers greeted me this morning.

UPDATE: Project sit in the living room, week one.
Well, I didn't sit in my living room at all this past weekend since I got back from the beach, but I did get to play colored Jenga with my host sister. We played for over an hour on Friday night and about a half hour last night. It was fun.

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  1. Maybe you can make a dream catcher with all those feathers! I hope you had a good run, sounds refreshing!