Thursday, February 12, 2009


So, I have been writing a lot about charity and giving. Poverty is something that is very in my face here, but also very in my face in Seattle. People everywhere see it and people everywhere live it.

My struggle has been with just giving someone money. Does that really help them? Today, yes. Tomorrow, no. I have always held the belief that you don't give away fish, you teach a man to fish. Now I think that is such a pompous way to look at poverty. I still do believe that the principles of earning and working need to be instilled, but at the same time help given.

So, the question is, what is the answer? Giving someone money, food, clothing today, or holding out and helping for the long term where they are able to give those things to themselves. It was recently proposed to me that maybe they are both the answer, but to two different questions. How can we help people today? and How can we help people for the future?

I like this idea.


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  1. We all have questions like this, and I think hte answer is that we do the best we can, both for ourselves and for others. we give what we can, do what we think is right, and have faith that it all works out exactly as it is supposed to. The best and most important gift we give is the awareness of the needs of others, and the desire to help at all. What a wonderous time it is for you, to be able to devote your energy to others and have the sapce to think such deep thoughts!