Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Anchovies for Breakfast...

weren't all that bad to be honest with you.
The last day I spent at the beach with my host family, we had a mix of anchovies, red onion and aji (aji is anything spicy) with lime juice squeezed over it. Really not that bad.

Anyway, the weekend was nice and relaxing and I realized that I would love to have a beach house where I could write. Something about the sound of the ocean waves and the vast expanse of nothing allows my mind to wander. It did a lot of that in fact. I know I should still be present in my job and not be thinking about the future too much, but I am. With the economy as it is, and me how I am, it is inevitable to think about the future.

I don't think I have a point or anecdote to this blog, just wanted to chat a bit.

Things here are going really well since Christmas break. I have been visiting artisan groups a lot and my office has received two new PC(USA) long term volunteers/ mission partners who have brought a new energy to everyone working in fair trade. It's been really good.

Okay, I am done with the rambling.
Hope you are all well.

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